Why will flash video stop after only 2 seconds?
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Youtube (or other flash video) will freeze up after exactly 2 seconds of play, in any browser.

It's an XP system, nice graphics card, memory, and all that. I can usually get one browser to play what the others won't, so when this happens I have to juggle between Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE. I've searched for this kind of problem and nothing remotely similar comes up. It seems to happen randomly... things will be going smoothly video-wise then, boom, the video will play (without sound, oddly) for 2 seconds and freeze. I'm completely stumped.
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I've been having this problem as well, exactly as you describe. A reboot usually solves it for me -- not the case with you?
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I just went through this. Upgrading to Flash 10 beta worked for me, but a simple reinstall of whatever you have might work, too.
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I had a similar problem and reinstalled flash a couple of times. Close all browsers after download, then install.
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I'll try a fresh Flash install and get back to the thread. I've been pondering this... haven't done many reboots as I am just stubborn and keep trying it in different browsers, and I just hate rebooting. Alas. I'll update when through, thanks all.
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A wel-known problem - Google 'Flash video freeze' and you'll come up with a ton of opinions as to the cause. Most common is a problem with a recent Flash update. Downgrading or upgrading seems to work for most people.
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I believe I had this problem and it turned out to be a side effect of having a lot of flash videos up at once. "A lot" here meant about 10. Upgrading flash to the very new V10 will probably make this go away.
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Very common problem. If you google 'flash video freezes after 2 seconds' as a phrase you'll find dozens of threads about it. Upgrading to the latest version of Flash plus a reboot fixed it for me.
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There's a Firefox issue ever since it's official release. If you can, install the RC 2 or 3 version. This should fix it.
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So far, so good, the reinstall helped. I'll mark as answered!
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