How to get a transcript of House Oversight Committe hearing?
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Where can I get a transcript of today's House Oversight Committee hearings?

I'm hearing second hand about the testimony of Alan Greenspan at today's House Oeersight Committee hearing on C-Span. I can't watch it because streaming video is blocked at work.

I'm hearing that Greenspan acknowledged that many of the benefits being promised to retirees will have to be cut in half or eliminated and that people planning to retire should be encouraged to plan for this.

I *MUST* have a transcript of this hearing. Apparently C-span doesn't regularly provide transcripts. Where else can I go to get this?
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Have you tried the committee or asking Henry Waxman's office?
posted by Pollomacho at 11:45 AM on October 23, 2008

Call the committee office: 202-225-5051. In my experience, they get such a flood of email that they don't always get around to answering them all.
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Best answer: The Federal News Service will have a transcript. You'll probably have to pay a nominal fee for it though. You should check tomorrow; they have Wednesday's Waxman cmte hearing online now.
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We've got the closed captioning here hopefully you can see it w/out the video.
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Ooh.. click on big red 'F' flash button and then 'Show Transcript'
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Response by poster: Xorry, that doesn't work for me. Do you actually get a copy/pastable transcript with that, or does it just "close caption" the hearing video?
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