Looking for lost infographic on companies' market share in subprime market
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Looking for an infographic I once saw that showed the market share of the major players in the subprime market and the money they'd lost.

In September, I think, I saw a great infographic in a major publication online that showed the market share of the major players in, I think, the secondary subprime market. Could have been broader than just the subprime market, but it was all the names you saw in the news that were being affected by it due to their holdings. I could have sworn it was on the NYT's site but haven't been able to find it there again.

It was 2D, but I think maybe interactive with rollovers. Each company, such as Lehman, Merrill, Fannie/Freddie, etc. were represented by differently colored squares of different sizes that represented proportionally their share of the market, or perhaps their overall market value? The squares all together represented the size of the whole market. The grid took up most of the screen, but there was a thinner vertical strip to the left with some other info.

And there was information about the value of these companies at some point back in the Safe Time When Things Were Good, and then now (September whatever, in the thick of the meltdown.) So one or two of the companies' values were listed as zero because they had gone bust. I don't think that's what the square size represented - I think size represented their share of the market - but I think the real point of the infographic was to show the comparative drops in value of all of these companies in the subprime boat together.

Did you see this? Do you have a link? Thanks.
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Best answer: "A Year of Heavy Losses" from the New York Times.
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Response by poster: HA! Bingo! Excellent. Thank you.
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