Where/what is Seve's tumor?
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My Google-fu is failing me. I'm looking for the details of the type of Seve Ballesteros' tumor and its location within the brain.

Poor Seve Ballesteros is scheduled to undergo a third brain surgery tomorrow, due to complications from his first two. I know three people who have had open craniotomy surgeries. We were talking about where and what his tumor is and we've had no luck with Google. I found the press releases saying it's "deep in the brain" and "malignant" but to a brain patient these are fairly generic terms. Has anyone seen details regarding brain anatomy or the type of tumor for which he's being treated?
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According to this, his tumor was classified as an oligoastrocytoma, "a type that affects cells that cover and protect the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord".
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This is best searched for within Google News. Here is a search in News for "Ballesteros tumor".
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Response by poster: Thanks jaimev. Davcoo, I do know how to use Google. My problem is that I'm finding 5,000 golf articles referencing the same press release and none with specifics regarding the anatomy of the brain.
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Are you sure that that specific information is on-line? It seems unlikely that the patient, his family and doctors would choose to release it to you.
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