Help me remember this cartoon please!
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Can someone help me remember this 80's cartoon that took place at a high school? (More details within as that's not very specific)

This has been in my head for DAYS...Google is of no use given the information I have.

To start with, I'm 99% sure it is not Hero High, as I don't think the characters were super-heroes. And I'm fairly certain I've never seen Hero High. I can't 100% rule it out, but I'm 99% sure that isn't it, but that is what Google will show more often than not.

Here's what I know for sure about this cartoon:
Was on in the early or mid 80's
Revolved around a bunch of high school students all of whom were 80s stereo types
One character was named only "Punk Rocker"
The students were always running afowl of their middle-aged or old female principle (who I remember thinking acted a lot like Principal McGee from Grease, but it is NOT the same actress)

Here's what I THINK I remember correctly:
Heavy 80's style
Possibly set in the future where computers were everywhere (then again, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends was an early 80's cartoon and they had supercomputers built into their sofa, so maybe that was just early 80s cartoons)
There were a number of students in various romantic pairings.
I THINK it was a Saturday morning cartoon, not a syndicated or weekday cartoon.

Here is one scene I remember very very specifically...

There was an episode where they were doing computer dating. All the students filled out questionnaires and at the end of the episode it showed romantic matches for the students. The principal is pulling matches and it matches her with Punk Rocker.

In my head I can hear her saying "Punk Rocker"

She then asks Punk Rocker how he answered the questionnaire and he said for his favorite music he put "The 3 Bs--Bach Beethoven, and the Beatles".

Does anyone else remember this show?
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Best answer: Dang, are you sure it wasn't Hero High? There was a character named Punk Rock on that show. You can see him in the back row of the group shot here. That also has an episode guide at the end, which includes this:

Do the Computer Stomp
The big dance is coming up at Hero High, and the new computer will decide which couples get paired off, leading to hilariously unpredictable results!

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Response by poster: Ok, given that episode summary it may have been Hero High. I just thought they weren't superheroes. I hadn't found an episode guide and everything I read about Hero High, none of it mentioned a principal who I remember being a major character in the series.

But given that episode description I guess that IS it. Thank you... Off to Netflix to see if I can rent it now.
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Ah yes, the Kid Super Power Hour.
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(with Shazam!)
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