Windows Media movies don't work after paying for Quicktime Pro?
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It seems like ever since I paid for Quicktime Pro for my Macintosh, Windows Media movies stopped working, especially embedded ones -- they complain about inability to create a "unique tmp file." Plus my file associations are screwy. Wonder what happened and how I can fix it...?
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As an age-old Mac user, I'll utter the heresy, knowing my Mac cred will keep me safe: install Microsoft's Media Player thingy for Mac and use it to play Windows Media files. It seems like every version of Quicktime does "something" (usually bad) to Windows Media. I know, I know, you don't want Redmond infecting your hard drive - but if you want to play Windows-only content, install a Windows player and get on with your life... (There are, of course, ways to make Quicktime work the way it's supposed to; unless you're a geek and enjoy tinkering with codecs and .plists and the like, why bother? And since you're asking the question here, you're presumably not a geek who enjoys that kind of tinkering...)
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