Berkeley Taco Trucks
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Where are the taco trucks in Berkeley?

I just moved from Oakland, CA to Berkeley, and I've only found one taco truck (the one next to campus at Bancroft and Telegraph). I've heard great things about it, but it's not open (or, apparently, even there) at night, which is when I generally want tacos.

I *love* taco truck food. I adore it. And I don't want to drive back to Oakland twice a week to feed my nighttime taco cravings. Are there any in Berkeley?

I live on Dwight between Shattuck and Telegraph.
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Best answer: Well, you're within biking distance of the one that parks outside of Berkeley Ironworks (the rock climbing gym). Location: one to two blocks west of San Pablo, one block north of Ashby. Really good food. In fact, it's so healthy and fresh-tasting, it may not meet your standards for "taco truck food." It's there nights until around 9 pm or so.
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Best answer: Oh I got this! After climbing at Ironworks there is nothing better than a taco from the truck by the back door. Its on Ashby just before you get on the freeway, usually there from 12-2ish. Sometimes good carne asada, sometimes spectacular carne asada, always dynamite al pastor tacos. Theyll put avocado on your taco for another quarter (or maybe .50). Top notch best taco truck Ive been to in the east bay. MMm!
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