Fire Fairy needs to pee!
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CostumeFilter: Where can I find a long-sleeved bodysuit (aka leotard with snaps) red or orange?

I am going to be a Fire Fairy* for Halloween. However, I plan to wear this to work, and spaghetti straps are against the dress code. I was going to go with a red leotard underneath but then I started thinking about the logistics of using the bathroom while wearing a leotard, tights, dress and petticoat, and I'm thinking that a bodysuit (aka a leotard with snaps) might be the way to go...but where the hell do I find one?

I live in New Orleans, LA, US, and we have most major retailers here, but I'm fine buying online too.

*FWIW, I have a crinoline petticoat/skirt underneath it and am a bit heavier than the model on the site, so I don't look like a skank! Actually I think I look like an overgrown five-year-old, which is quite fun!
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Have you tried American Apparel? That seems like something they would have.
posted by vytae at 5:36 PM on October 22, 2008

Try Newport News or Chadwick's or Amazon.
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Have an Austin friend make a trip to Lucy in Disguise. (Also, YOWZA!)
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American Apparel, unlike any other store existing in the 21st century, has an entire SECTION just for bodysuits. I shit you not.
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It seems like all the online stores selling them are dance or cheerleading supply stores.
I see a few online, but they're all nylon or polyester turtlenecks. I hope your office tends toward under-heated...
posted by needs more cowbell at 8:17 PM on October 22, 2008 has many styles to choose from. Only some of which are red/orange though white ones in cotton could be dyed easily.
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Could you wear a tight, long sleeved tshirt instead of a bodysuit? Takes care of the straps issue and leaves your bottom half free and accessible. That sounds weird. Hope you know what I mean.
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Response by poster: AA does have an incredible selection but I don't think any of them have snaps.

sandraregina, I was thinking about a shirt but I thought a leotard/bodysuit would stay put better. has quite a selection!
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Response by poster: Followup...I ended up waiting too long to buy anything from, which would have worked the best, so I ended up wearing a fitted shirt underneath the costume. I had to go in the bathroom and adjust a few times during the day but it worked out for the most part.
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