fancy menu system for a movie night
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I'm organising a regular movie evening and was wanting a fancy menu system that would look like this...

I'd click on the movie and it'd start playing fullscreen, and I'd prefer it if signs of the desktop never appeared.

I guess this could be a presentation file or something. Can Impress do this?

(I've had a look at MythTV/MyHTPC, but I can't figure out how to make them look like that. Aside from the video, the whole thing could be a background image, if that'd help.)
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I might suggest using a DVD authoring software and using menus support to do this, but you'd never be able to fit enough movies on one DVD to do it.

You might be able to convince one of these softwares to make an oversize DVD that you can play from the hard drive, though.
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What OS are you using?

You might be able to do what you want in a web browser --- make thebrowser window fill the screen, have a pair of preview-movies embedded on one page, each of which links to the whole movie. You'd probably have to do some dinking around to get everything fullscreen and looking nice, but it might be the easiest route.
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powerpoint would work also. Are you running the whole setup through a computer (that's what i do). Honestly though, your probably overthinking the whole thing as most of the movie nights i do more people just want to hang out and chat before and after the flick then care what's going on on the screen before it starts.

good luck and remember to have fun
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Yeah, NGnerd has it. If you want to impress people, find some old "Let's all go down to the lobby" type trailers and insert them before and after movies (make sure they're different of course -- variety is the spice of life). Maybe throw in some popular movie trailers, too, for good measure.
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The Prelinger Archives is a great resource for things like that.
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