Recommendations for moving companies in NYC?
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Recommendations for moving companies in NYC?
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Apartment Therapy has a good (though small) section on Movers & Storage Facilities in New York. It's a cool blog by one of the guys on the tv show Mission:Organization, and he was in the NY Times the other day being profiled for his cool, tiny apartment. So while I can't vouch for his recommendations personally, I think his word is good.

(That said, I had upstairs neighbors who worked for Moishe's Movers and were so absolutely filthy that the landlord ended up having to evict them. So I would never use 'em.)
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I used Ben-Hur 2 years ago. 888-236-4871. 3 pleasant, well-mannered, well-spoken, extremely careful movers. Exceeded their $500 estimate by $300. Arrived very late. Even so I'd hire them again in an instant.

You want the morning appointment slot; they charge by the hour, and by the time they are getting ready to load out the second move of the day, they are tired and slow - and you are still paying by the hour.
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We've used "Smart Move" three times now--in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Westchester--and they've been great.
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Moishe's did a good job for me last month and were very professional (and I didn't notice any hygiene problems). They showed up on time (a little early, even), moved things in the alloted time, didn't damage anything and came in at the estimated price.

Strong little dudes, too.
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