What's new about paper airplanes?
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What interesting things have happened to paper airplanes in the last 20 years?

It’s been about that long since the last time I’ve made a paper airplane. Presumably there have been some advancements. Scientific advancements. Practitioner advancements. Business advancements. What’s new and exciting about paper airplanes? Who are the names to watch? Where’s the hotbed of paper airplane activity?
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I've seen The Paper Airplane Guy give two demos at Maker Faire, and he's great. It looks like there are some tutorials and a video on his site.
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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Wikipedia article on paper airplanes has pretty good coverage of modern developments in the field, including citations to books and webpages with instructions on building advanced models.
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The Japanese want to launch a paper airplane from space in 2009.
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Not paper, but tangentially related:
Simple Plastic Airplane Design and Flying Puppets.
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Maybe you should stop by this paper airplane contest.
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