When will John Reiss start rocking?
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I'm going to see the Night Marchers in Bristol this evening and my tickets say it starts at 7.30. I've been to two other shows in Bristol (at different venues) and they both said they'd start at 7.30 but the bands didn't start playing until around 9. Is this a standard thing for small rock shows? I don't want to show up at 7.30 and have to wait around for an hour and a half.
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A lot of rock shows will wait until the place starts filling up before getting going and sometimes the technical setup takes longer than expected. Punctuality is not rock's strongest suit.
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I've waited around as long as five hours for a show to begin. 90 minutes would be a nice change!
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I call clubs and ask when the different acts are to take the stage. Give it a try.
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There's usually a time when the doors open and then there are planned times for each act. 7:30 is probably the opening time and then you probably have a couple of openers. You can usually call the venue and ask when the band you want to see takes the stage.
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One of the many great things about the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC is that they post the bands' set times on their website on the day of the show. VERY helpful; every club should do this.
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What damn dirty ape said.

The 'start' time is the time they put on the ticket to get a few people in the place and drinking before the support comes on - generally at around 8. The main band will usually be on between 9 and 9:30. If you call the venue they'll give you the exact times.

Ideally you need to find a quiet pub with good beer just around the corner from the venue; that way you can arrive at about 8, take a look to see if the support is any good, then bugger off to somewhere comfortable for an hour.
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This is at the Cooler Club right? The last show I went to there started really late I seem to remember. You might want to give the venue a ring: 0117 9450999, or ask the bouncers outside.

Also the venue it self is kind of boxy with a low ceiling. I had ringing in my ears for three days after that show. You should take ear plugs.
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Clubs aren't always straight up when you ask them what time a band's set starts. They want you in there as early as possible drinking their booze, boosting their sales. A trick I picked up is to call them and say something like, "I'm working until at least 9:30. Is there any point in coming down to catch so-and-so, or will they already have played?"
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Thanks Philip, I did exactly what you suggested and they told me the band won't start playing until 10.
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Have fun! They blew the house off here in Seattle....
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