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I was attempting to use Jeffrey Veen's "Easiest Way to Publish Links on Your Site" and evidently it isn' t easy enough for me. It states:

"Now visit Enter your RSS address from the previous step into the text field and click 'Udpate.' Soon, you will see your links in a list on that page."

But when I get to that page, I don't see where I can enter my address. The drop down box already has preselected sites. Am I missing something?
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In the faq it says

Q: Can you put my feed in the pull down list of feeds provided?

A: I populated the list with some popular feeds just to get things started. I don't plan to add any more, and these feeds will only remain in the list as long as they are being used by someone. If you are a publisher and would like to make it easy for other people to syndicate your feed ad-free, and have the ability to track your news feed in syndication, then you should checkout Feedroll Pro.

Most likely, when that guide was made they option to have your own feed was available. But hey, everybody's gotta make money right?
posted by bob sarabia at 7:21 PM on September 27, 2004

Thanks bob. That's what I assumed, but I just wanted to make sure before giving up on the idea.
posted by justgary at 7:23 PM on September 27, 2004

how about Infinite Penguins RSS viewer?
posted by bob sarabia at 7:24 PM on September 27, 2004

Hey thanks bob. I had found a few similar sites, but this looks better than anything I found. I'll give it a try.
posted by justgary at 7:50 PM on September 27, 2004

if your interested, you could use magpie, which isn't easy, but both infinite penguins and feedroll are build with it. I almost used it a while ago for my delicious feed.
posted by bob sarabia at 7:59 PM on September 27, 2004

I looked at magpie, but it's a little over my head. I think infinite penguin will work best for me.

I wish delicious would work with feedsweep like does, but it doesn't.
posted by justgary at 10:48 PM on September 27, 2004

Sorry that this is a self link, but I had exactly the same experience so I coded my own! It's become popular very fast, with over 20,000 calls per day so far...

RSS Digest.. you can use PHP, IFRAMEs, or JavaScript to do includes.
posted by wackybrit at 12:08 AM on September 28, 2004

Hey, that rocks wackybrit. I will definitely check that out.
posted by justgary at 12:43 AM on September 28, 2004

Wow wackybrit, that couldn't be more simple. Perfect. Thank you!
posted by justgary at 1:29 AM on September 28, 2004

awesome, wackybrit! thanks!
posted by mr.marx at 9:14 AM on September 28, 2004

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