Love Your Fate
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Anyone know Sanskrit? Are you familiar with the phrase "Love Your Fate" (and this is the Western version of "You Art Thou")? I have a translation, now I need validation.

My roommate would like to get this phrase tattooed in Sanskrit. I procured a translation for a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label from one of my co-workers in India. Worry is, he's a bit of a wise guy so I wanted to make sure it was legit.

Sanskrit translation of "Love Your Fate"

Moreover, I wanted to make sure that it was true to the concept and not just a literal translation. Or maybe all it takes is a literal translation? Not sure if there is some special way to say it.

Semi-related reading:
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Do you mean the Western version of "Thou art That"?
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Response by poster: Perhaps, I was just going off of the memory of a conversation I had with my roommate a few days ago. I will check with him and let you know certainly. From reading what you linked to though, it sounds very close to what he was talking about.
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Best answer: I don't speak Sanskrit. I speak a descendant of the language (heh). But if you're worried that he's thrown in some curse words or something, I think you can rest easy.

Sw - your
bhaagyam - destiny
sneha.n kuruu - love

Again, disclaimer: I'm not sure that the phrase is correctly put together, 'cause I don't know the grammar and rules of Sanskrit. I just recognize the words/roots to mean the above.
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Response by poster: I was only vaguely worried. The guy is a great and I love working with him. It's just that he has a very extreme sense of humor and plays pranks on everyone all the time. I would not of even thought of it if another Indian co-worker did not suggest it as a possibility.

Good to know that it is literally close to what I am looking for though. Thanks!
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Wikipedia on thou art that (tat tvan asi).
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Response by poster: Actually, amor fati is apparently more in line with the idea my roommate is thinking of, which is a Latin phrase. Maybe it is related to "thou art that?" The one thing I notice in that wiki page is that there is no mention of fate or destiny, which is ultimately the message that friend would like to convey (that of loving it, or something along those lines).
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you know, if 'amor fati' is really the meaning he wants, why not just use the latin phrase, which after all, is a bit more original than using fancy foreign looking script?
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