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Any bank recommendations in Prague?

I need to open a Czech bank account so I can get direct deposit from my Czech employer. My main bank account is in the U.S., so the Czech one would be for checking only -- savings not required. Anyone have any experience and suggestions?

All I'd be using this for is simple checking... withdrawing cash at the ATM and using a check card for purchases. Being able to check my account online would be a major, major plus, though. And of course I want to keep monthly fees and ATM/check card usage fees as low as possible...

Oh, and in case it's not clear: I'm physically located in Prague. Using the account outside of the country would be nice, but isn't that high on the priority list.
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Best answer: I've been using unicredit bank for many years and haven't had any problems with them (formerly zivnostenska banka). They were the cheapest I found at that time for having multiple currencies- I need CZK and USD. Also the fees are very reasonable for what I need. Before that I had Ebank which was much more expensive and the fees were outrageous.

I think all the banks have online access now. Both those two do for sure. Ceska sporitelna also has online access and will be cheaper if you only need a CZK account.

Those are the only ones I have experience with.
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Response by poster: Thanks s_v_o! Unicredit was looking good to me. Also glad to hear the caveat about eBanka, as I was considering them (or Raifeissen, which bought them out I gather) as well.

Will check out CS as well.
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