Voter Registration Confirmation
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I sent a voter registration card in the mail several weeks ago and have received no card or confirmation. How can I be sure I'm registered?

To clarify - I thought I would have received one of those voter cards after having sent my form several weeks ago.
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The voter info sheets usually go out after the deadline. Can you locate your local voter registrar in the phonebook? There should be a local number for them and they should be able to affirm you're in and clear for the next election.
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it took me almost 4 weeks before i got my card back in the mail. so you might just have to wait a bit longer.

but if you can't, i'd sugest doing what mathowie said.
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Great, thanks. I'll track them down and call them. I'd hate not to be able to vote because of some screwup.
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Verify Your Voter Registration

via kottke's handy voter guide
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Some states don't give you a card.
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I don't know about New York, but most people are registered through their local county clerk's office. So look up "Clerk" or "Elections" in the county section of the blue government pages of the phone book, and ask them if you are on their rolls.
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