US Bank accounts with foreign funds?
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Where can I set up an account with a US based bank that will allow me to transfer my Euros and keep them in Euros?

I'm in the US, and would like a US-based bank that offers free (or at least low fee) checking and savings accounts, and the ability to maintain multiple currencies in the same account.

So far, HSBC, my current bank, doesn't offer this service unless I get an account with their British branch. If I transfer that money to the account, it gets converted at whatever the rate is when the transfer goes through.

On a side note, when I was living in China, I had an account with Agricultural Bank of China in which I was able to keep simultaneous balances in RMB, USD, HKD/MOP and EUR, (and presumably Dong, Rupees, Wampum, beaver pelts...), but that account is not accessible from outside of China and has a ton of restrictions on it anyway.
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If you're just looking to store some money in an account for savings against inflation / falling dollar values, you may consider maintaining an account in multiple currencies in Paypal. They support many major currencies and will handle the conversion for you -- best of all, it's entirely online. With a Paypal debit card you can even have fast access to some of your funds.
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