What can I make with overripe apples?
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What can I make with overripe apples?

We got a big box of medium apples ("pink ladies," or similar) from a friend's orchard last month, and we've been working our way through it since - apple breads, apples in oatmeal, Tarte Tatin, etc. But we haven't worked quite quickly enough; there are 15 apples remaining, and most are quite soft. Even the crisper ones have a new fermented tang in their taste.

When you have overripe bananas, you make banana bread. What do you do when you have overripe apples?
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Apple sauce? (Which you can freeze?)
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Apple Pie. The tang will help balance the additional sugar and other ingredients.
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What do you do when you have overripe apples?

Press and ferment some cider and get rippin' drunk.
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Stewed apples! You can add a bit of cinnamon if you like, or have it hot or cold with some custard or similar. This is not a dish I've heard of in the US but is not unheard of in the UK. Delicious.

The good thing about stewed apple is that you can freeze it and then heat some up at any point over the coming winter months when you fancy a quick, cheap, warm bowl of fruit goodness :) Perfect to eat when you have a sore throat too, since it's basically apple slime.
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Apple butter?
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Chop them and mix them w/stale bread or bread crumbs, chopped onions and sage for poultry stuffing -- you could probably freeze that.
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Bake them!

Hollow them out from the top, cutting out most of the core but leaving some in the bottom. Then fill them with butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins and pecans. I like lots of butter in mine.

Then, put them in the oven for... oh... nearly an hour at 350ยบ. You want them very soft.

Take them out, let them cool, grab a fork and knife, and find some heaven.
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Press and ferment some cider...

That's what I've been doing with mine.
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