day to day workings of a commercial dungeon
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Kink day-by-day? Where can I read about the workings of a commercial dungeon? I'm very familiar with recreational kink (where no money is exchanged) -- what I want to learn about are the practical daily workings of a high-end dungeon where men are paying for sessions with female mistresses.

I'm interviewing this week for some part-time work as a phone coordinator and shift manager for a high-end dungeon with a staff of several dozen mistresses.

I'm a longtime member of the kink community, have worked as a peer sex educator, and am a switch (play both as a top and as a bottom), so I have no doubt I'm a great candidate in terms of relating to the clients on the phone, hearing what they need and pairing them up with the right mistress in a given timeslot (that is the main part of the job). But I know less about the day to day mechanics of this kind of workplace. So what would help me are any blogs or articles about working in a dungeon.

In other words, I don't need writing about sex/kink/techniques as much as I need writing about the mechanics of the writer's worklife as a pro mistress, a dungeon owner or worker, etc. (And I need online rather than print resources -- can't get to a bookstore before interview time.)

I've been very open with the dungeon owner that I'm a lifestyle switch with no commercial dungeon experience, so it's not that I'm trying to pretend any expertise I don't have during the interview. I just want to research well beforehand. I've read everything on the dungeon's own site and a few of their competitors' sites.
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Mistress Matisse is a prodomme in Seattle. She works solo, not in a multi-person dungeon, but her blog archives have lots of anecdotes about interacting with clients.
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I have experience with this, but would rather not go into it here. Feel free to MeMail or email.
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I know some people who know some things if you'd like to MeFi mail me.
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