Help me find this tune!
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I'm trying to find an African song sung in English that I saw on a Marley documentary.

So I went to see the British documentary "Exodus 77" the other night, and was struck by this song they played a few times throughout. Its a woman singing, with maybe just a guitar. The only lyrics I remember were the chorus, and went something like "then the white man come, and he carry I away, to a foreign land..."

Just throwing this out there in case anybody has an idea what this song is or where it came from.

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Sounds like Rivers of Babylon, originally recorded by The Melodians, used on the soundtrack to The Harder They Come. The lyrics are based on Psalm 137 from the bible. It's been covered a bunch of times.
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Response by poster: Aww thanks but thats not it..
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Old pirates, yes, they rob I;
Sold I to the merchant ships,

from Bob Marley:Redemption Song
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Response by poster: nope its none of these. it was just a woman, singing a capella, and i know for sure it wasnt redemption song. ah well, i will just have to try to track it down
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