Venus versus Virus
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How did the manga for Venus versus Virus end? (spoilers inside)

The ending of the anime royally sucked, but the anime got done before the manga ended and the anime director created his own ending. Which royally sucked.

Ever since I saw, and cursed at, the anime I've wondered what the mangaka had in mind. Now the manga has also ended, and I wish someone would tell me how it ended. I am asking for spoilers.

In the anime, the bad guys were all dead, but Sumire was out of control in her berserker mode and there didn't seem to be any way to get her back. And even if Lucia had managed to bring Sumire back, the two of them would represent a peril to the Earth. So Lucia detonated all her energy, and died, in order to also kill Sumire. (They didn't show the blast; the last episode ended about half a second before Lucia let loose.)

I can't believe that's what the mangaka had in mind. So how did the manga end?
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