Erratic network behavior
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My net connection has dropped like clockwork around midnight over the past few days. What's up?

For the past 4 or 5 days, around midnight, give or take 10 minutes, I lose my net connection and don't get it back till morning. It doesn't happen during the day.

At first, I thought it was my router Netgear WGR614 v7 since it has been flaky before. But I bridged my LAN/WAN cables together (my ISP has a switch in the building and I get a CAT-5 direct from there) and the issue persists.

So, I try to ping the gateway but can't, and Wireshark shows other customers trying to get the gateway's MAC via ARP. BTW, I am assigned a static private IP i.e. behind a NAT, due to "scarce IPs".

So, today morning, with my connection on, I note down my gateway's MAC. An hour ago, my connection dropped momentarily. When I checked my gateway MAC, it was different than in the morning. When I flushed ARP and checked again soon after, it was different again and was a 3rd set of numbers, this time I could resolve names but not connect anywhere; this one also happened to be listed twice i.e. for another IP as well. I noted all numbers, and tried each as a static entry. The first one (morning) worked but was erratic (dropouts), the middle one seems to work normally (so far), and the final one doesn't.

What seems to be going on? Local or remote?

My OS is XP SP2. This is in India.
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Sounds remote to me. I'd contact my ISP if this kept happening.
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It's difficult to interpret without knowing the upstream network architecture.. but wireshark showing other machines also arping out for an IP and getting no answers suggests the problem is not you.
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Given the hours it occurs, it sounds like your ISP is taking down the network for maintenance and rearranging its connections.
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I contacted my ISP when this happened to me (cable network) and it turned out there was some guy who came home at 9pm every night and turned on his TV. And the amplifier attached to it. Which was wired wrong and blasting the everloving crap out of the internet/digital signals.
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In our area, where service is provided by HughesNet (formerly DirectWay) via a dish, there's a brief blip when one satellite hands off to another, which happens several times a day but most notably at around 10:30 pm CST.
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