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North Dallas and/or McKinney area: Food Delivery Suggestions. Not looking for senior or meals on wheels.

My wife's boss is an amazing guy and his family has gone through and will be be going through some tough times in the near future (medical procedure), we'd like to help them by setting up food delivery (to take 1 thing off their plate) but the phone book and google are failing me.

Instead of going through hundreds of listings online/phonebook and noting local places that deliver is there a service that would be able to coordinate? Or if there are 1 off suggestions from McKinney-ites i'd appreciate that to (sorry not sure where in McKinney he lives but anything would be a start).
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in denton we have entrees on trays. one service goes to about 10 restaurants and picks up to-go orders and delivers them to you. there's a 5 dollar surcharge+tip. i know there's a service like it in lewisville too. i'd be surprised if mckinney didn't have one.

start with delivery.com, maybe?

you or they would have to pick it up, but there's also services like super suppers that do more home cooked meals that you can freeze and bake when they want to eat. they're also healthier in general that normal take out.
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This may not be helpful, but you could make them a lasagna in a disposable pan using no-boil noodles. It's not that hard a recipe, and they'll really appreciate it. It should last them a few days. Of course, if you aren't good at cooking or are really averse to it, disregard this answer.

Other big casseroles are nice, but make sure you find a recipe they actually like.
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diningin.com covers Plano, you might hit it with the right zip code and see if that does it for you. That's one-off delivery, though, not scheduled.

You might also consider something like Home Bistro, which is a mail service (dry-ice-packed meals). There's also places like Omaha Steaks (though if you're going to do that, buy local from someone like Rehoboth Ranch or Burgundy Pasture Meat). Or Amazon Grocery, if you just want to save them some shopping hassle.

There are a couple of diet-oriented prep/delivery services in DFW like Chefsdiet.com and Bistromd (google Dallas meal delivery, you'll see those and more), and I know people who have used both of those and didn't hate it, though it wasn't extremely cheap. The food was reportedly good, though, and properly portioned.
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