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HalloweenCostumeFilter: Girl, glass, freckles, CHEAP!

Hello all. It's down to the wire for figuring out a Halloween costume, but I'm ahead of my usual schedule. Anyway, I keep running up against a problem: Every idea I come up with seems like a good idea until I remember that I wear glasses, which just makes so many costumes (especially those involving fictional or historical characters) seem less than applicable. In the past I've just sucked it up and worn whatever, with glasses in place. But this year, I want something that incorporates my glasses into the costume.

So I'm looking for as many ideas as possible that have a character that is supposed to have glasses. A few specs (heh): I'm a female in her mid-twenties, with dark medium length hair, a ton of freckles, and red-framed glasses. I'm not opposed to donning a wig if need be, and I don't have contacts.

Last requirement: CHEAP. I'm in grad school and have zero cash, so the cheaper the better.

Also I kind of hate those costumes-in-a-bag from the big mall Halloween store, just because they look like cheap pieces of polyester shit (which they usually are). And speaking of big mall Halloween stores, I would prefer to not look like a slut, but I will consider it if it is a good idea.
Thanks for the help!
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Response by poster: PS- No Sarah Palin suggestions please.
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Velma from Scooby Doo?
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There are tons of anime characters with glasses. You could carry a toy crossbow and wear a helmet to be Lucca from Chrono Trigger, for example. If you get a long blonde wig and have a navy suit, you could be Alexandra Cabot from Law and Order : SVU.
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Depending on the shape of your glasses, you could be Daria.
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Response by poster: Also, Ugly Betty is out too. It's already being done by someone at my party.

Keep 'em comin'!
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Pippi Longstocking with glasses?
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Edith Head. Flannery O'Connor. Emma Goldman. Coco Chanel.
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Enid from Ghost World
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Edna Mode from The Incredibles?
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It doesn't relate to your glasses or anything else at all, but an ex of mine came up with the best last-minute costume idea ever -- he took his old graduation robe and added a rainbow wig and told people he was "The Supreme Court Jester."
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Anastasia Krupnik, and seconding Daria.
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The Tootsie Roll Pop Owl! You could probably easily make a mortarboard hat and giant Tootsie Pop from cardboard.
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Red glasses? Hello -- Sally Jesse Raphael.

Or, somehow be something other than a person, like red red wine glasses!
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Or "rose colored glasses"?
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Edith Head! Edith Head! When do you get to wear blue glasses?

Maybe too close to Palin, but slip on some Gap clothing, add script pages in your pocket and carry around off-brand mexican snacks. and viola! Liz Lemon
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Seconding Enid from Ghost World.

You could also do Janine Melnitz from Ghostbusters. She always had funky glasses so it's not like having red frames would be any different. And you can choose from different versions of her from the movies or the cartoon series. She wore regular clothes (either 80ish or secretary-ish) and if you really wanted to, maybe hand out some Ghostbuster business cards with their number on it when you meet people or something. Or act like someone's calling you on the phone, pick it up and go "Ghostbusters, waddaya want?"

Hmm, Yomiko Readman from Read or Die? Pretty doable if your wardrobe has a gray/dark skirt, brown vest, red tie, some kind of trenchcoat (optional). You could go the extra mile and have a carry-on sized rolling suitcase filled with books, or just carry some books, or glue together some pieces of paper to make a paper cascade for when she does her papermaster thing...but this might end up being one of those "gotta explain it" costumes if you're not in the right crowds, so er, yea, I'm more behind suggesting option one or two over this one.
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Go as the Dorothy Parker epigram: "Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses."
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Response by poster: Gee thanks Roger. And for the record, the #1 pick-up line I get is tied between "I like your glasses" and "I like your freckles".

So far it looks like my options are a little limited. It's hard when most of these women have really no other defining features that say who they are, short of Velma's recognizable outfit.
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I know you specifically said character, but I'm mostly offering archetypes in case those are allowable. Ignore whatever you don't like :)

sexy librarian/secretary/businesswoman - wear nice lingerie under a business-appropriate outfit, preferably something with either sensible shoes or nice heels; put your hair in a bun and make sure to put a pencil in it; occasionally pull off your glasses dramatically, unbind your hair, shake it out, and make sexy pouty faces...the more exaggerated the better. Carrying a stack of files you can theatrically refer to or drop would also enhance the costume.

scientist - white lab coat, black pants or skirt, eccentric-ish style to your hair, scientific props in your pockets, maybe a few of those plastic white mice strewn about your person.

super-nerd - put some tape on the glasses, wear mismatched but obviously completely functional clothes, put your hair up haphazardly (especially enhance any cowlicks), make your freckles as noticeable as can be, and add accessories for whatever nerd-dom you feel happiest representin'.

female waldo
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> Gee thanks, Roger.

Sorry if that came off wrong. It's classic Dorothy Parker - I don't think anyone has ever taken the saying seriously. Second suggestion: go as a Jane Fonda in 9 to 5.
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I'm going as Liz Lemon. Basically I'm going to wear a suit jacket and walk around saying "Blurgh!" Also, I have a friend who's going to wear a suit and tie so he can be Jack Donaghy. Just to get the point across, I might make a lemon-shaped sticker to wear, and maybe get my friend a GE button.
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Response by poster: Oh Roger, no harm done. I was just being playful.
Thanks for the suggestions so far all.
I welcome more.
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OK so I totally feel ya on not dressing like a slut (but that is a whole nother convo) but you could easily pull off "sexy librarian," "sexy teacher" or "sexy school girl."
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Blue van Meer?
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You just described me! And since we probably don't live in the same place or will go to the same parties, I'll share what I'm gonna be: Zombie Pippi Longstocking. I can't shed the specs (I'm blind without them) but I figure no one's going to care. I think it's fun to twist a childhood icon (and I once dressed up as Pippi) into something more grown up, so that's what I'm going to do.

You could also go as Harry Potter with a cute wig. Jeans, t-shirt, cape (I used a long black skirt once and just clipped it around my neck), purple scar, chuck taylors.
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Aside from the freckles you could be set to be Maddy, Laura Palmer's cousin from Twin Peaks. Obviously this would work best if your circle of acquaintances has any familiarity with TP.

My other suggestion is to be Lolita, because by some law I must refer to Nabokov's novel in at least 29% of my Ask.Mefi comments. And also because she had brown hair and freckles, and you could get away with glasses, I think. She has pink ones by the end of the novel.
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Diana Prince, (Wonder Woman's alter ego)
The Baroness (Coooooobra!)
Selina Kyle (Catwoman, especially the Michelle Pfieffer version)
Lisa Loeb (super easy if you have an acoustic guitar (or can borrow one))
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