Style at home in Hong Kong?
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I'll be arriving in HK tomorrow for a few days and will be in Shenzhen for one. Any recommendations on places to shop for home decor?
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I'd recommend going to Causeway Bay in HK and then walk around on the sidewalks, and the Times Square mall. I used to walk from the library to the subway stop, and I walked passed a store full of ceiling lights and chandeliers that was about three times as big as anything you'd find a typical lighting section of a Home Depot... checking your profile... well, I'm sure Toronto has similar stores, but in HK there's no taxes.

Now, I'm not saying that you should ship a chandelier half way across the world, but there's stores for everything there, and I'm thinking you need something that you can say you bought it in HK. That would be most time efficient in terms of stores seen per hour in Causeway Bay.
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Oh, G.O.D., no doubt about it. The furniture can be a little boring, but the fabrics and accessories are lovely, slightly offbeat, and have a quintessentially Hong Kong / modern chinois feel. There are a number of stores, but the Causeway Bay location is the largest and thus stocks more furniture. The smaller shops tend to have more accessories and knick knacks.

Homeless is a fun place with an eclectic collection. There are more international brands though, but they do support local designers and artists, so it's still definitely worth your time. Do note that they tend more towards accessories rather than furniture.

Is there a MUJI where you are? If not, hey! There's MUJI in Hong Kong.

I would recommend spending an afternoon (or more) at SoHo. The main Hollywood Street has antiques, if that's your thing, but do explore the smaller lanes too! There are little art galleries, vintage furniture shops, and the last time I visited I found this tiny shop selling retro wallpaper and pretty fabrics. (Its website isn't particularly inspiring or informative at the moment though!)
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Try Franc Franc - they have branches in Causeway Bay and elsewhere.
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