Temporary Blindness - What?
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This morning my roommate woke up at six AM absolutely blind. She was terrified and fumbling around and I helped her to the bathroom to throw up. While throwing up her vision returned and it hasn't fully left since, but she's thrown up a few more times and feels really miserable. Other symptoms include a sour throat and a headache, and vision has been blurry since. Does anyone know what this might be or whether it's an emergent situation? We live in Israel and it's a holiday so everything is closed except for emergency rooms. It's been about 6 hours since the blindness. Thank you.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I'm sorry but this is over the line for something you shoudl be asking the internet. Please take your friend to the emergency room and let us know how it comes out in metatalk. -- jessamyn

Go to the emergency room.
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Emergency room. NOW.
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Some form of glaucoma, arterial migraine: at this point it doesn't matter what anyone here thinks it is.

Emergency room NOW
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Just to add to the chorus: Good grief, YES this is an emergency situation. Get to the ER.
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nthing ED.
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Please to take it to a hospital.
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Wow. Emergency room. Inexplicable and sudden blindness always, ALWAYS justifies an emergency room visit. Even if it wasn't a holiday and other things were open.
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Don't fuck around with your eyes -- you can't get new ones if they break. Go to the ER.
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Possible head injury or stroke? ---> ER!
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Yes, ER. Could be severe migraine, but could also be something much worse. Lets hope it not.
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If you're still reading this, Stop. Grab roommate and go to the ER,
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Please take her to the emergency room right away. This is what they're for - if you need urgent treatment and everything else is closed. She needs to be assessed in person by a health care professional asap.
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A doctor in the office with me here says same as above. Stop reading this and go now, please.
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Sudden blindness=ER STAT
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What they said. There are certain medical issues you do not fuck around with. Anything involving sudden extreme changes in vision, speech, dexterity or motion fall into this category, as they can point to neurological issues.
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I hope you're already at the hospital. I am not a doctor, so my opinion means nothing, but I bet it's a migraine. Come back and tell us how your roommate is doing!
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Unbelievable. Your roommate's went temporarily blind and began vomiting. IT'S SERIOUS!

You also mentioned her eyesight "hasn't fully left again". If I read that literally, you are saying it's partially left again several times. BAD!

As an aside, I made an acquaintance recently. We met at a small boutique shop where she was the manager. She and I were discussing her moving into my place as a roommate. She didn't show up on the day she was supposed to come over to see the apartment. I went back to the shop and she was there. She'd passed out a couple of days early, her eyesight weakened and blurry, vomiting and nauseous. Couldn't see well enough to drive, one eye almost total blind, but she tried to solder through even coming into the shop.

I've since spoken with her brother and the doctors had made a diagnosis (I can't remember the specifics now). She lost sight in both eyes for several months with other complications as well. I don't think her sight has fully returned. She had a full support network of family and friends around her and I can't say if things would have turned out better for her if she'd handled it differently, but sitting there with your partially blind roommate reading a website isn't going to help.
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It could be an instance of an extremely low blood sugar level (i.e. diabetes). She needs immediate medical attention. In other words, emergency room, just like everyone above recommended.
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I had a friend who used to go temporarily blind when she drank too much.
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I had a friend who used to go temporarily blind when she drank too much.
Maybe she should have gone to a doctor, too.
although there is the term 'blind drunk'.
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Stroke. Emergency room NOW
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