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Searching for the name of an old guitar distortion/overdrive pedal. Attributes: * orange * old * distortion or overdrive * had a feature that allowed holding for "sustain" * used by my old hippy guitar teacher in 1992 * I was told it was difficult to find in 1992 I liked this pedal because I could hold my foot on the pedal and it would feedback. You would press once to turn it on, hold to get sustain, press to turn off. Not sure if it was custom or what. I was too young at the time to note the brand.
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My boyfriend has an older orange pedal he bought off Ebay that they don't may anymore. It's a Boss Super Feedbacker & Distortion DF-2. Could that be it?
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*don't make anymore, that is.
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thank you!
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definitely one of the odder Boss pedals- the distortion was of the DS family but the synthesized feedback was like nothing they ever did. if you don't feel like shelling out $60-100 for one from ebay, Behringer has a $30 knock off coming out soon (supposedly).
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