Where can I buy things from the Persian-speaking world in Vancouver BC?
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Vancouver Persianfilter: Where can I find Farsi language books, Iranian style clothing, preserved foodstuffs/snacks and authentic Afghan or Iranian (or any Central Asian style) style carpets and household accessories in Vancouver BC?
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Persians are concentrated in North Vancouver, especially around Lonsdale. Take a walk there and you'll come across a few shops.
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randomstricker is right. Farsi is the predominant home language after English both in the City and the District of North Vancouver
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As North Van goes, on Lonsdale there's both Pars and Yaas Bazaar for foodstuffs and nicknacks around 16th or so. And along Marine Drive, there is a little shop in Pemberton Plaza where the Save-On is, SE corner, and a place called Nancy's at Marine and Garden, just east of Capilano Road. There are also quite a number of Persian bakeries along Lonsdale. These places are mostly sell just food, fresh and dried, but from there I'm sure someone could guide you towards clothing and the like. Good luck!
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