What should do with metaphilter.com?
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InadvertentDomainSquatFilter: Many months ago I registered the domain name "metaphilter.com". What should I do with it? [more inside]

I had no good reason for registering it (I did it on a whim, perhaps I'd had too many beers that night). After sitting on it for a while, and not wanting to feel like a domain-squatter, I'd like to give it to someone for whom it would be relevant. I thought of giving it to the people behind the Metaphilter software, but that project seems to have died off and metaphilter.org has been taken over by real domain squatters. Any suggestions on who might really need it and put it to legitimate use?

Related question:
Is it possible to transfer a domain name from the person owning it (myself) to a person who could make legitimate use of it, without it going up for grabs to the general public?
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FreeFilter is still around, it looks like. Anyone looking for MetaPhilter (and coming up short) would probably like to know about it. How about a link to them?
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sorry - link
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scarabic: Done, I've linked the page to Freefilter now. What I'd really like is to do is to give up the domain name to someone who could make good use of it. Blame it on my [long in the past] LDS (mormon) guilt-ridden upbringing.
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Funnily enough, I'm writing the all new version of FreeFilter right this minute! It'll take more than a minute though, so don't look yet :-) I am being pushed by a corporate requirement for it, so it's definitely getting done.

You may also want to link to PHPilfer which is another MetaFilter clone by our own holloway.

However, I know that Metaphilter is still under some sort of development by a team which has forked the original code. I believe the project is over at SourceForge, although hopefully someone can give some more concrete details. They're pretty deserving of a link though, I'd say. I believe MonkeyFilter uses their implementation.
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Actually, rereading what you said above.. you might want to donate that domain to the aforementioned MetaPhilter fork project. I think tracicle has something to do with it.. or at least knows the details.
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Why don't you give it to Matt and let him decide what is an appropriate use for it?
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Matt's definitely got first dibs, if he wants it.

Like I've said, I just want to be rid of it.
I also agree with wackybrit that Monkeyfilter's tracicle could make good use of it, being involved with a metaphilter fork, although she definitely needs to trim her blog more often.

Anyone have an answer for my second question, regarding transferring domain names?
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Yes, you can transfer ownership of a domain without waiting for it to lapse. Policy still tends to vary by registrar, sadly, although they will have instructions on what to do.
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The sourceforge page for the metaphilter fork is here.

Also, to transfer a domain to one specific person:

1. Get that person to go to the 'transfer' screen at whichever registrar they use.
2. They enter your domain name (as if it's one they own themselves and they're just changing registrars).
3. Pay small fee (usually includes an extra year of domain registration).
4. You get an email at the email address that's listed for you in the domain's whois info, saying something like 'we have received a transfer request from such-and-such registrar, please go to this page to tell us whether that's OK'.

Of course, step 3 is hardly desirable there. If your user account at your registrar is one you've only used for this domain, then perhaps you could just give away that password to whoever wants it.
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goatse.cx mirror.
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Phil Collins Filter.
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I already emailed you, mkdg, so this is mostly redundant but for the sake of discussion. It's not a huge deal for me one way or the other but if you don't want it and Matt doesn't want it for Mefi, then it would be kind of cool to have it point to the sourceforge project.

I'm quite pleased with Metaphilter and we've done a heck of a lot of work on it in the past year or so, so it would be nice to have it more accessible to people. And for (almost) free, too!

Oh, and I despammed my blog, too. :)
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