I think I'm failing a husband test
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I've been tasked with obtaining a "lactic acid mask" in the context of a dermatological product for my wife. Please point me to a recommendation, or a reasonable place where obsessive people talk about such things so that I can leech their wisdom?
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Response by poster: I really should have posted this under "health." I guess that's what happens when I ask questions while tired and exasperated.
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All a "lactic acid mask" is, is something with a buttermilk or yogurt base. In fact, you'd be better off rubbing buttermilk all over your face -- way more lactic acid would be present at a far cheaper cost than any expensive facial cream you could buy.

If you really want to spent money, here you go.

Or you could make your own.
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I think telling your wife to make her own by rubbing buttermilk on her face would be a 'FAIL' of Olympic proportions, like buying her a new frying pan for Christmas.

Looking online, it seems that a lot of the products containing lactic acid also contain glycolic (fruit) acids, but there are some that contain just lactic acid.

You might not think this is important, but it is. Some women are sensitive to fruit acids and find them too harsh on their skin. So ask her if she's ok with fruit acids as well, and then you have more choice available.

From your profile, you're in Seattle, and there are two Sephora branches near you, one at 2618 NE University Village St and the other at 415 Pine Street. I'd suggest that, once you've found out from your wife if fruit acids are out or not, that you go to Sephora and talk to a saleswoman there. They'll be used to bewildered men entering their world for the first time and will help you find the right product. Be prepared to pay up to $80 for quality skincare. It doesn't come cheap. But we're worth it.
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Makeupalley is a website that discusses all the lotions and potions women use. There are lots of comments on their board, and if you register (free) you can read specific reviews.
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Best answer: I've been ordering lactic acid peels from Makeup Artist's Choice for years. They also sell glycolic acid peels, salicylic acid peels, and non-acid enzyme peels. It's one stop shopping for all your chemical peel needs. (I am not affiliated other than as a long time customer.)
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If this is a "do something nice for me" situation (I can't tell why you've been tasked with this but from the title of your post, I'm guessing this is it) and you can afford it, you can turn this into the complete opposite of an epic FAIL by sending her to a day spa for a facial. InSpa is good for basic, no-frills treatments (plus they don't allow tipping), and you can find even fancier places around the area. Sending your wife to the spa usually aces the husband test.
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Response by poster: Thank you all so much! Soda-Da wins the best answer prize. And for the record and CPB's defense, she was intrigued by the notion of just smearing buttermilk on her face, though I think I'll get a better score on the event when her lactic acid peel fanciness shows up in the mail.
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