An easy way to rip DVDs in per-chapter MP3s?
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Is there an easy way to rip a video DVD to MP3, so that each chapter on the disc is a separate MP3 file?

I have a bunch of DVDs of live music performances that I would like to turn into MP3s. I can get the audio out of the VOBs no problem, but splitting it into one-song chunks is a pain and I still have 20-30 DVDs to go through. Since the DVDs are (mostly) divided into one chapter per song, I was hoping MeFi might know of a Windows program or process that could automate at least the splitting and preferably also do the ripping and encoding.
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Use DVDDecrypter, and set it to IFO mode. Select the PGC you require, and then the chapter. Sadly, I don't know of a way to automate this.
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If Transcode can run in a DOS window, it would be exactly what you need. Sadly, I haven't found anything on the site that makes me think it's anything other than a Linux program.
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Agree with Solomon and no automation that I know of....
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Best answer: This is reasonably easy. What you need to do is create a batch file to run DVD Decrypter in IFO mode and splits by chapters, demuxing the audio while it does so, and then pass the decrypted audio to a tool like BeSweet.

Your command line for DVD Decrypter would appear something like the following:

DVDDecrypter.exe /MODE IFO /SRC G: /DEST "C:\Outputfolder" /VTS 1 /PGC 1 /SPLIT CHAPTER /DEMUX 0x80

Sometimes primary AC3 streams are 0x81 if the DVD is oddly created.

You would then need to make BeSweet check for the successful return of the above operation and then use the Windows FOR command to tell it to transcode all AC3 files to MP3, downmixing to stereo if necessary . I haven't written any batch files lately but no doubt someone with more experience can combine the above command with the proper BeSweet command.
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Best answer: Ace DVD Audio Extractor can rip by chapter to wav or mp3. I'll usually rip to wav and then encode with my encoder of choice :)
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