24 hour cafe in burnaby
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I'm currently staying at a friend's place in burnaby. It's at corner Boundary and Hastings. I'm trying to find a 24h cafe place nearby (or mcdonald's or something similar) with internet access to waste time in. Hopefully it'll be free cause I have my laptop! Thanks!
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The only 24 hr coffee place in Burnaby I know is at Waves Coffee House, 4250 Kingsway, but that's not very close to where you are.
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There is a McDonald's on Hastings near the highway, a few blocks north of you - but sorry, no idea if it is 24 hour or has wifi.
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Here are some listings for free wifi in Burnaby. Other listings for other neighbourhoods on that site too. Go get ridiculously cheap and good food at Anton's!
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It's not 24hrs but you are very close to the Hastings branch of Vancouver Public Library. You can get wireless there for free (with or without being a resident of Metro Vancouver).
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There is a 24 hour McDonalds on Grandview and Renfrew, but that's only close if you've got a car. If you do, it's only about a 5-7 minute drive. I don't think they have wi-fi though. The only McD's around that area I know for sure does is over on Willingdon and Still Creek (their corporate HQ/store location), and they give limited wifi (like a half hour or an hour or something like that with a purchase, and they're not open past midnight.

I lived on Boundary and Grandview for years, and am a night owl. And frankly, that area sucks for things being open late. As far as general hang-out-and-drink-coffee/maybe snack places there's not much open after midnight. There is a Night and Day, kinda like a Denny's, but a bit more low-key, at the corner of Broadway and Boundary, about a 3 minute drive down the hill from where you are. There's a Tim Horton's on Broadway that's down the road a bit from the Cactus Club mentioned on Barnone's list (drive south down Boundary, turn left at Broadway and go about 5-6 blocks, it's on the left), I don't know if the signal will reach that far from the CC, but it might...

Oh, and seconding a stop at Anton's, before you leave.
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You know, it might have been useful if you'd mentioned that you're in Vancouver, and tagged this question with 'vancouver' so it might actually be useful for other people in future.
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