GMail Account Locked
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GMail apparently has had an outage. Supposedly it has been fixed, but I still cannot log into my account. I am going insane. Please help.

My password is remembered on my computer (MacBook, Leopard) and I am the only one who uses my computer. The other day I go to log in and it says that my username and password do not match. It's been almost 48 hours and I still cannot access my account.

I suppose there is a possibility it was hacked, but I highly doubt it. My password is not an easy guess and is a letter/number combo. My financial accounts have not been touched.

I have a Yahoo email on file as a secondary, so I tried to reset my password that way. I can login to my Yahoo account (which I seldom use) but for whatever reason, it's not receiving email. My inbox is empty.

Aside from waiting 5 days for them to send me a password hint-- which won't help, really, because I KNOW MY FREAKIN' PASSWORD-- what are my options?

I can get a new email address/provider, but in the meantime I am missing a ton of email. Pardon me while I rip out my hair.
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Do you have the first email they sent you when you made the account?
If you can show them that, the people at Google will give you back your account.
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You could download a POP client and try to get into your stuff that way, but if your username/password isn't working then you still are out of luck until the Gmail people fix your account. Gmail POP Help Center.
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Ant the Contact Us link...
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I wouldn't be worried about missing mail unless senders are getting mail delivery errors. I'm sure you can manage without e-mail for a few days :)
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Did you check the spam folder on your Yahoo account? When I had a similar issue I found that Yahoo was sending my Gmail password emails to spam.
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everyone else seems to have covered the bases but definitely when you can get in, back your email up on your HD and maybe set up a clone account on another service and have gmail forward everything over there too. being without email is very scary (a similar thing happened to me a few months ago)
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