The Boss and The Sick Boy
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So this past May, Bruce Springsteen walks into a bar...and joins Mike Ness onstage. They crank out a couple of tunes, but apparently there's no decent audio/video of the event (that I can find, anyway). Curious if anyone out there has come across a recording of this event? Their version of "Ball and Chain" would be of most interest to me.
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I would try asking this over at BTX. If there is a recording someone there will have it and they will share.
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Nothing came out of this show, surprisingly. This is because Bruce didn't show up until very late in the game, and Terry isn't there any more to advance scout (thus tipping off the entire Eastern Seaboard once people saw him walking around the club). This was done deliberately of course, to not overload the Stone Pony with the proverbial "sidewalk sniffers" (the people who show up at anything even remotely Springsteen related in case Himself appears).

But the upshot is that if there's a tape, it's not being released.

I was seeing my best friend's band's New York area debut that night - and had just seen Ness at Irving - so I missed it too. Had to get text messages from the friend who just randomly picked that Ness show to go see.
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There's only one Mike Ness bootleg from the current tour that I'm aware of.

For some reason, Social D fans seem to be technology-averse, and the only other valuable resource I've found is this SxDx bulletin board.
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