What's a fun lunch in LA?
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Los Angeles Adventure Lunch? Coed coworkers seeking adventurous and / or interesting and / or secret neighborhood and /or back alley fun lunch today, Friday, October 17th, 2008. Starting in Burbank.

We should be able to eek out 2 hours plus if needed. Romance is not the idea here in case you were wondering, just a fun get to know you lunch. Anything goes but as an example, noodles in San Gabriel would be preferable to Universal City Walk. I know I can check Chow Hound for the food part but the fun part is more important to us. Think "field trip". Suggestions please!
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Go south on the 5, exit Main Street, turn right. Go past the first traffic light and turn left on Moulton. Go to the second parking lot entrance by the brick building that says "the Brewery" on it. Go straight back to the yellow building. Park to the right, go up the stairs, and you will be at Barbara's at the Brewery. It's a restaurant inside the largest artists' community in the state. There's art everywhere and the food is tasty. Try the fish tacos.
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You could also try hometown Pasadena this is a web site just for stuff to do and places to go in the San Gabrial Valley. Though for today it might be too hard to get the book which is what you really want.
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