Patio furniture in NYC
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Looking for good, inexpensive patio furniture in NYC

My new apartment in Manhattan has a nice little outdoor area. We've got a gas grill and lights outside, but need some good patio furniture.

Ordering online from places like Target or Walmart is not very convenient, because I can't leave work to wait for packages, and going to the warehouse to pick up furniture after failed delivery attempts is not very appealing to me.

I know that Home Depot has a delivery service for Manhattan, and that may be the way to go...

BUT there have got to be some good local places, either in the surrounding boroughs or Jersey, that deliver and are looking to sell nice patio furniture for cheap (now that it's getting cooler).

Any ideas out there?

Also, any thoughts on keeping warm outside during the winter? A firepit would be fun, but it's probably a bad idea for the city (plus it would probably annoy the people who live upstairs).
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well, bobbyv, first, you are so lucky to have a nice little outdoor area. congrats!

you can get a couple of those lamps/lanterns that they use in paris for outdoor restaurants in the winter. i think some restaurants in nyc use them too.

i think target and walmart will have GREAT sales right about now. i just moved back to nyc (from md/dc area), and i remember last fall how CHEAP gas grills, patio furniture, and ACs were at this time of the year.

if waiting for packages is a problem for you, apply some of your savings into "hiring" someone to be in the apartment the day of shipment. you can go probably post in craigslist under gigs.
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