Help me find an old cartoon about two sharks
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I'm looking for a multi-panel cartoon about two sharks. So far the only thing I've found via Google is frustration. Here's what I remember: the female shark is angry and the male shark keeps asking: "Is it something I did?" "Is it something I said?" etc... She always says "No" until he asks something complicated like "Is it something I said but that I should've said with more respect for your feelings?" to which she says: "Maybe." I kiss the Mefite who can find it!
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Best answer: Sherman's Lagoon.
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please redirect all kisses to the female entity whom you probably want to show this cartoon to.
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Response by poster: I kiss and love you.
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I totally remember this cartoon! I'll try to find it! *fingers crossed*
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Oops too late. Thanks destrius!
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See, I also knew that was a Sherman's Lagoon cartoon, but then what? How the hell do you find specific old strips like that? Is there a text-indexed cartoon seach engine somewhere that I should really know about?

(I am 'answering' here in the hope someone explains, as post-answer thread completeness for the benefit of glorious future readers.)
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rokusan, apparently that is the "most frequently requested" Sherman's Lagoon cartoon OF ALL TIME. A google search for: sherman's lagoon is it something I said returns the correct result.
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The ohnorobot site is a text-indexed cartoon search engine for internet cartoons. Won't help with print comics, but fun and useful none-the-less.
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