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looking for social science lectures and/or radioshow interviews

Im looking for mp3s i can download do make me smarter while on the bus. Im looking to get informative mp3s on

-technology/the future
-human geography

amoung other areas. Preferably im looking for something that is not just under a broad "science" banner if its a radioshow, since i would like to know more or less what sorts of topics to exactly expect, but a radioshow would be great as its likely more entertaining/pleasurable to listen to.

For example, i am interested in the theories of macro economics, itd be great to have an interesting set of mp3s that are enjoyable to listen to and dont rely on me having a video of the lecture (when they are writing stuff down). Im not sure if many such "podcast lectures" exist?

thank you!
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Try In Our Time. Someone also told me that there is a big stack of these on some torrent tracker.

Some of the podcasts at ABC (Australian) may be of interest also.
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You might try NPR's Planet Money podcast.
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I just recommended EconTalk from George Mason University in my last post. It's probably the greatest science podcast on the web. The tone is understandable to the public but doesn't have that handwavey "Wow, isn't science awesome!," dumbed-down quality that you often get with popular science. It seems to be tailored to smart, actively interested people who want to learn more, which is what you sound like. Most importantly, it shows how Econ--the dreariest science known to man by reputation--can be (at least) as fascinating than any other. It does have an acknowledged libertarian slant, but it generally makes it very clear what the mainstream of the field is in the various topics they're addressing.

Planet Money is also absolutely great for understanding the current shenanigans, and it has that same penetrating, non-condescending tone.
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Check out iTunesU. I've downloaded entire mathematics courses from schools like Stanford and MIT, and they are all free. Pretty cool.
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Also form the BBC is Thinking Allowed: 'Laurie Taylor discusses the latest social science research'.
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Milt Rosenberg! He has a nightly radio show on WGN radio in Chicago and is one of the most articulate individuals I've ever listened to. "Milt is a professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago, where he has served as the director of the doctoral program in Social and Organizational Psychology".

I've been going to sleep with his broadcasts since my stoner years in the late 70's.

Here's his webpage
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The Teaching Company has lecture series about a huge variety of things. Your local library will probably have some sets you can borrow, or at least ILL. I've listened to excellent courses on history, philosophy, and mathematics. Haven't gotten to their economics and other social science offerings, but I except they're just as high quality. Yes, just search for TTC and you'd find a virtual flood -- a torrent, if you will -- of great bus listening.
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You'll find a wealth of thought-provoking talks at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts.

Several of the topics you mention are covered by the Long Now seminars, another of my favourite source of mine.
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On the Australian ABC national radio network is the fine Philosophers Zone on, eh, Philosophy. Also on the ABC is All in the Mind which covers a broad range of issues psychological.

The BBC has a number of programmes also, especially on Radio 4. All in the Mind, is also the name of a BBC show.
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awesome! time to learn! thank you all
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