big clunky squarish car from 60's or 70's
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I'm trying to find a picture of a car our family had in the late-ish '60's, early '70's. It was dark green, and had a black vinyl roof, and big triangular tail lights. I *thought* it was a Dodge something, but I can't find anything that looks like it when googling, so I could be mistaken. Chrysler maybe? It was definitely US made. I don't remember if it was a 2 or 4 door. Hope me?
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'67 Dodge Polara? Here, here, and here (the latter with embedded ad goodness!).

My uncle had one.
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Oops - second 'here' should be here.
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Yeah that's it! It had that really long trunk, and those hilarious taillights. Pretty funny YouTube. :) Thanks!
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