What are some good international fashion sites and blogs?
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What are some good international fashion sites and blogs?

My wife works with a high-end handbag and fashion company based here in New York City, which currently advertises on sites like style.com and fashionista.com. Now they're expanding their international presence, and are trying to find similar fashion sites and blogs that primarily draw readers in countries like the UK, Japan, China, France or Italy. Can any fashion-savvy, global-minded MeFi-ites point her in the right direction?
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I started a list then thought of an easier way. Scroll down and look in the Magazines and Blogs link list at the Women Management blog most of the big ones are there. The Fashion Spot forum is another great place to find links.
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Helsinki fashion: http://www.hel-looks.com/
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Second hel-looks.com. I noticed you're in NYC, so this one won't seem particularly international, but the author is british: http://www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com/

That's actually my favorite celeb/fashion site--the chick knows every fashion line by heart, apparently, and there's lots of awesome runway-to-red-carpet comparisons. I highly, highly recommend you only read the blog in a reader, though--the site itself is huge and takes forever to load.
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I like


and the Gilt Groupe personally.
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This is probably MetaFilterIllegal but since the responsing crowd will likely be more or less the same, can I slip in here and request links to similar sites for men as well?
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Superfuture (I think this is for denim and sneaker nerds primarily :)

Hint mag

france -
Café Mode
Garance Doré

uk -
Style Bubble
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(oh god i mean "responding")
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In Japan, if you want you fashion information in English, I recommend Mekas.jp.
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