Why do I have POP access to my yahoo.com e-mail?
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Why do I appear to have POP access to my yahoo.com e-mail address via GMail?

Everything I've read suggests that I *shouldn't* be able to access my yahoo.com e-mail via GMail, since I use Yahoo's free e-mail and not the paid version.

However, I added my yahoo.com e-mail account to my GMail account and lo and behold it's fetching the mail via POP no problem.

Why do I have this access? Possible mitigating factors include the fact that I have a paid Flickr account, and that I've had this yahoo.com e-mail address since around 1997 or so and may have been "grandfathered" in or something.
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Google probably has something like YPOPs! installed on their end.
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This happened to someone I know when she added her yahoo acount to her blackberry. After a few weeks it stopped working. Not sure if they let you get a taste first before demanding money, but it works for a while.
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