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Election 08: Best way to mount my campaign signs?

I just got back to NC and this state is in the game! I bought 5 different Obama rally signs this morning (love the variety) and I want to mount them in the yard. Anybody done this? Suggestions? Bear in mind we get a lot of rain here.
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Lawn signs? Don't folks use those wire hanger things that look like a letter "H" or wooden stakes?
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Response by poster: If you buy the yard signs, they come pre-mounted. The rally signs are just small posters, really. I liked the idea of a variety of signs-- so I bought "Women for..." "Independents for..." and so forth. I wondered if anyone had done this already-- turned rally signs into lawn signs. One reason I would like to do this is there are only 2 signs so far in our neighborhood-- one for McCain and one for Obama. I think having more Obama signs would be encouraging to people who are a little reluctant to show their support for a Democrat in this Blue State.
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Continuing the Kinko's comment (I work there, and have done this for people): Lamination's great, but for large pieces, it will probably need more support than a plant stake can offer (if you do go with that route, be sure to ask for wide margins on the laminate so the drill-holes only go through the plastic).

Best would be to get the signs laminated, then buy coroplast and the H-stakes fixedgear mentioned and stick the laminated signs on to the coroplast using hemming tape (strong double-sided tape normally used for vinyl banners). Not every Kinko's will have all of this, but if you call ahead, they'll be able to point you to a "sign and banner center" that does.
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I wish you luck. I live 10 miles south of Chapel Hill and Obama signs don’t last long around here. But, then again neither do McCain signs. I drove to Durham yesterday and took a different route home and didn’t see a single Obama sign. There was only one McCain sign and that was in the middle of the median strip on a heavily traveled road.
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Laminate them, then string them together using twill rope, kind of like bunting. Hang from pillars on porch, or on your house somehow. MUCH less likely to get ripped off.

PS: Welcome!
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