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the letter eth: right now i'm working on trying to find a way to get under 20 shirts made and ready by next weekend but besides that -- (mi if anyone wants to wait for it)

ok, now why won't this post
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hmm maybe if i split it up--

--hi. my name's ethylene and i'm a postaholic--

not really but first i wanted to thank askme in general. you guys have no idea how the syncronicity of topics have helped in the variety of things i've been doing lately (helping nfp and new projects start up, counseling, home/health issues, etc ad nauseum)

trying to restore old bookmarks to help a friend with this t shirt project has given me the excuse to sit in front of my comp and tackle the mass of things i have had to put off.

there have been many threads i wanted to be able to help/post on but haven't had the time and i know some emails sent have been lost in spam attacks and the dramatic upswing personal traffic. (if people would put askme or meta in the title please)
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since my last non toss off post ended up making me late and running on waaaay too long without for all i know being any help, i've been restraining myself from posting at all, since most people end up giving a lot of the same sources and sound advice in the end, and a lot of the time, they stray from the querent's intent into other advice they aren't really looking for, or getting run off the page so fast i don't know if posting is just wasting space.

i was thinking about posting another epilogue post on a somewhat monthly basis so people could add or catch things they missed, but i don't mind if people mail (thanks to invites, i have two gmails to use) and if people don't mind, i'll mail direct on things they post about more personal things people might not want to lay out here or might conflict with people's beliefs, but there are a few threads i wouldn't mind ressurrecting because they seem to interest a lot of mefites.

i also don't want to look like a mysterious know it all for posts that i never get to fill out. i've gone on a little about what i feel i may know well and why but also, i like the general free for all of opinion and experience.

(i don't mind if this gets wiped either. so which matt's got the squeegee?)
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you ok?
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(and for those snarkers who wanna be hatin at me, get your snarks in before the wipe!)
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ha! yeah, my comp not so much
just trying to finish stuff, unbusiness myself, relax--
sorry to look all whatever

(blah blah blah)
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I'm confused. All the questions you linked are still active, so if you have something to add to them just add it. Anyone interested in them will go back and check, especially the posters of the questions.
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clarification: anyone with custom tshirt sources esp. for under 20 shirts in a week, please post.

no, i'm not drunk, dammit! }:>

all the rest i guess are kind of metatalk like stuff and a sample of just some of the threads i haven't time to post (recent because i thot people on would recognize on si(te)ght.
i'm publicly excusing myself for half posts, asking if it's ok to comment direct, and opening the invite to mail me.
there are thank you's in there and an organic mash of sh-tuff

(hell, i'm just excited to be able to answer my email and clean my house, been having to talk to severely elderly, disabled people and bureaucrats for 6-12hr a day if that explains anything--
trying to shed the overexplaining glad handing hoohaa--)
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wipe the first few posts! i've got a martini shaker and i know how to use it!
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the fish in my pants.
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askmetafilter: the best place to publicly make a fool of yourself

(am i the only one who, when you've been having to put on the look of authority, needs to act the fool?)

that is such a mishmash of metatalk and ask topics that have been floating in my brain all week. i'm enjoying not having to be all linear, can you tell? if you can spot the refs to different posts, mail and win random junk!
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I want to know more about the tshirts.
posted by iconomy at 4:06 PM on September 24, 2004

I'm pretty sure I have no idea what's going on here.

No wait, now I'm not sure anymore.
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What about the letter eth (ðÐ)?
posted by joeclark at 4:15 PM on September 24, 2004

wow, there's a symbol?

tshirts: we have annual "neil young party" and need tshirts (15 or so) made for the 2nd of oct. even just one sided is fine, simple graphic text and image. a few xxl but most just l, maybe one girl cut. white or silver on black. the cost and time seem just about the same to order them as make them
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-- interrupted again --
the letter eth ith thith joke from when i picked the name and other boards

yes, i crammed a lot of crap onto what would have been a simple tshirt info post. part of me is still hypermultitasking while another is going "fire bad, tree pretty"
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thurely you don't mean like Fritzi?

re shirts, wubbout CafePress? not cheap, but fast-n-easy!

posted by mwhybark at 5:22 PM on September 24, 2004

that was my first thot too, about the same cost without the effort of hunting deals.
i am just marking sites right now and brainless stuff, reccommendations appreciated.

i'm not sure which fritzi but i also didn't know there really was a letter eth. love ta know.

how so many people are so quick draw on the links i dunno, but i do appreciate it.
(as late friday post, didn't think it's be as much a bother if it didn't get wiped outright)
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What the fuck?
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 7:18 AM on September 25, 2004

(oy, is this still here?)

mea culpa:
yes, i crammed at lot of stuff onto a simple request for custom tshirt reccommendations--
yes, i tried to throw a lot into one long comment instead of lots of posts--
yes, it's a very bad post i expected the squeegee police to get to, since i've seen a lot of wipes recently--
yes, it's extremely open to tangentals because i was trying to get back to all sorts of assorted mefites, who mailed or asked for clarification here--

it's yom kippur, wipe my posted sins away or let me be your belated scapegoat!

taking quon's limp fish to mean he isn't happy to see me
wonderchicken: unleash your wit or vitrol, but it does remind me i wanted to ask about korean stuff because i'm concerned with family there
andrew: thanks for the concern
iconomy: thanks for giving me reason to clarify
mike: skol, thanks for the visible support and grow back the 'hawk!

now if this ain't wipeworthy, i don't know what is
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Always wipe from the front to the back, very good, now flush, lets go get our pull-ups on now.
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but i'm only four years old
and can't i use someone's japanese toilet?
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MetaFilter: Wiping the internet from back to front.
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What exactly goes on at these Neil Young parties?
posted by the cuban at 2:59 AM on September 26, 2004

"the neil" as well call it:
lots of deep fried cajun turkeys, beer, assorted yumminess and fun of all forms and chemical constructs with an endless background of neil young music, bobcats, animals of a wide range from bobcat to professional drunk, a crazy swap pile--

--to be exact might put people in jeopardy--
let me scribble in some modesty dots
the second rule of neil young is--
very much like the first one--
which you might remember if you remember anything that happened between noon of that day and noon the day after
ask yourself if it's absolutely necessary first

after recovering from a similar, more hippy utopian/biker fall fire bash yesterday, i believe i've loosen all possible work muscles and had the presprained foot to avoid spraining a jive muscle (except verbally) -- built in slapstick, i tell you, never fails to fill a conversational lull in a mob than watching that chick fall over for no reason (it just gives up on the standing, built in further injury circuit, extra reason for the ass padding--)

god bless zen, firefly, herbal refreshment, the tick, b complex and scarecrow i think i'll miss you most of all

i live for fall (not to fall as some might think now)
let the social season begin

a little fasting, atonement and a big freaking party= sinless, painless, priceless

(links later for those to gape and mock)

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