What type of jobs could I apply to with my education?
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Whats sorts of jobs and career paths are available for MSc in industrial engineering graduates?

I am going to be graduating in about a semester and I know this is something I should of thought about before, but still..

I would be happy if someone could advice me on the career paths I could choose, and how to get there, I mean, which positions should I be looking for right now.

Maybe some more background could help: After highschool I had my BSc in Information Systems Eng. (which is a course shared to CS and IE). I worked for a year as Java programmer but didnt like it, and eventually got fired. Got back to University and now getting my master in Industrial Eng.

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Indeed.com seems to have a pretty active forum on Industrial Engineering careers.

BTW - Welcome to metafilter.
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Generic advice: Ask your professors and find out about upcoming job fairs.
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Response by poster: GPF: Thanks :)

sebastienbailard: I will, thanks.
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