Help me identify this series of mystery books.
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Name that series of myster books! These books would have been found in Australian primary schools, any clues appreciated!

"I am trying to locate the series of books around in primary school libraries during the early to mid-1980’s. They are mystery stories, hard-cover and their cover was always a deep, rich purple colour. It was like a cloth covering. That’s all the information I can remember. Please let me know what I can do to find out what series’ they belong to."

I am asking for someone else, so I'm currently short on details other than the ones provided. Thanks all!
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If no one here can help maybe try email/ring a few local primary schools and ask the liberian?
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Response by poster: I might have to, Oxford Blue. It was a long shot anyway!
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The only hardcover mystery stories I read at primary school in the early 80s in Australia were The Three Investigators (does Jupiter Jones ring a bell? A screaming clock?). While there were several different releases of the series, all with different covers, I don't think there was ever one with all purple covers.
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