decaying human flesh?
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does anybody know of a video of a human body decaying in time lapse that last longer than 5 minutes? where would you go to find such a thing if it exists?

for an art project a friend of mine is freaking out trying to finish. thanks in advance, peoples.
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If it exists, I would look around on websites designed for forensics or med students.
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There's a college in the US that hosts the only program on human decay. They videotape it, leave corpses out in the open and monitor the decay rates, etc. Not sure which college it is, but hopefully this jolts someone's memory.
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The Body Farm at the University of Tennessee studies the decomposition of bodies.
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Best answer: Here's one example from LiveLeak but it's really basically five minutes long. My sister works for the MA State Crime Lab and she was stumped on this.
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Can I just say, that's fascinating.
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That was fascinating... I hope someone can find a higher resolution version. I also wish I knew the timescale (was that a shot every day?)
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