Those Shoes are Four Hundred Dollars!
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OMGShoes: I have SauconyBullets right now. They're the best shoes I've ever had. I love them. Are there more ultra-light almost-nothing xc-inspired shoes like these?

Zappos says that these weigh 7oz, and there isn't much of a method of searching by shoe weight... I'm looking for something that might be an old version of some xc flats, but doesn't look absolutely tiny or incredibly flashy. And not Nike-anything (sorry, just can't deal with their ethics/fit/look).

Any tips? I'm somewhat considering Vans slip-ons, but am not sure whether they're actually all that thin/light.

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I love Vans slip-ons. They are my go-to casual sneaker for the Spring/Summer months. Very light-weight however like most canvas shoes they have absolutely no arch support. But at least they aren't as ubiquitous as the (Nike owned) Converse Chuck's.
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Mizuno wave alchemy
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Are you looking to run in 'em? A bunch of the ultra runners are rocking the New Balance 790's these days.
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(oh, not looking to run in these. I always have separate running shoes for distance stuff)
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I like my Onitsuka Tigers for much the same reasons - although they apparently weigh a hefty 11oz! Now you have me adding those Saucony's to my shopping cart though - curse you! ;)
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Maybe Feiyue wushu? Cheap as hell.
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Puma Drift Cats are 9oz and the boy loves them. I think the suede are actually a hair lighter than the leather too.
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second the onitsuka tigers and also highly recommend puma 5000m, which are french xc shoes from the late 70s, look cooler in person and feel great on the foot.
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I have a pair of Terra Plana Vivo Barefoots. Very, very light. Very comfortable. No support whatsoever, but a very different experience to walk in. They do take a bit of getting used to. You have to learn to trust the shoe.
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Seconding the New Balance 790s for just about anything. I wear 'em as my regular day shoe--so light (6.6oz compared to the Saucony's 7.0oz), good support, funky colors.
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Thirding New Balance 790s. They're stylish and somewhere between sneakers and old school XC racing flats. I wear my pair almost every day.

They do not give a lot of support. I augmented mine with SuperFeet inserts from REI.
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You might want to consider the Puma H.Street or the Saloh, both track inspired "style" shoes heralded by the POSE Running/Crossfit crowd. Here's a blog that puts them both at less than 7 oz (mens size 9.5). I have a pair of Salohs and they're not bad shoes, but not as much awesomeness/craziness as my Vibram Fivefingers.
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I would go for a pair of Nike Free [my footwear of choice for running] or as meowzilla said maybe some vibram five fingers
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I love the Bullets too! I have many pairs in different color schemes- there's practically no other shoe for me, and no style that I like more. One of the best things about them is the flexibility and lack of support- I have high arches that used to ache like crazy with support inserts and supportive shoes, but since finding these I haven't had any foot problems.

Van's slip-on's are not as thin soled or lightweight by any means, nor nearly as flexible. I haven't found similar shoes in style or weight, though I have been considering the Onitsuka Tigers. I actually ordered some TerraPlana Vivo Barefoot shoes a couple of years ago, but the sizing was way off- I couldn't get my foot in the shoe. The sole was wicked flexible though, and I keep intending to get some that fit.

At a total of 20oz they aren't lightweight, but Patagonia has shoes for men and women that are 2 pieces- a flexible lightweight base, and a heavier duty sole. Without the sole I imagine they'd be pretty light, but probably not up to everyday outdoor walking.
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