Do you remember this radio program?
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Toronto - late 1970's - late night FM Radio - a nightly program hosted by a woman who interspersed the music with 'readings'. Was her name 'Charlotte ...'?

Do you remember the program I'm referring to? Googling with such sketchy information turns up nothing. What was her name, and - more importantly - would there be any chance some of those programs would have been taped/recorded, and somehow available for listening? I'd love to hear her voice again ...
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What type of "readings?" Fiction? Newspaper articles? (not that I know, I just think clarifying "readings" at all may help.)
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What type of "readings?"

You know, honestly speaking, I don't really remember so clearly. She may have been reading from literature of the day, I think. It didn't really matter so much; the important point was the overall mood of the program, with 'late night' music, and ... her voice. Difficult to describe now - after 30-odd years - but I remember sitting in my apartment at the end of the day, in the dimly-lit room, with a glass in hand, and her voice ... They used a very close microphone, and she was right there in the room with you ...
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"I'm Charlotte O'Dell, and Tapestry..." This show was apparently syndicated, because I used to hear it on CKLM-FM, which broadcast out of Windsor. The show was goofy but intriguing and I've tried to research it in recent years, but all I could find out was that the show originated at CHFI in Toronto and Charlotte has seemingly vanished from the airwaves (unless she's working under a different name).
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I remember this show too. It is very confusing that Tapestry is now an unrelated CBC show.
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"I'm Charlotte O'Dell, and Tapestry..."

Yes, that certainly sounds familiar ... your memory is better than mine! Do you remember more about the 'readings'? What kind of stuff was it?
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Sometimes she'd read children's stories (I recall once she read bits of Archibald and Mehitabel between songs); sometimes it was free-form thought-provoking stuff (Khalil Gibran kind of stuff), and other times I don't know what the heck she was reading. For example, this episode stands out in my mind because Queen is my favorite band: Charlotte did her "...and this is Tapestry" intro, then "Bohemian Rhapsody" kicked in. But after "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality," the music stopped and Charlotte said something like: "I wish the world was made of ice cream" and then went on a litany of goofy thoughts like that.
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