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I'd like to buy a matching pair of black leather wrist cuffs. And I'd like one of the cuffs to work as a watch band. Does this exist? Where can I find it?

To clarify further, I'd like one regular old wrist cuff: wide black leather - fairly plain although a D ring or an outer strap is OK. And I'd like another that matches it just about exactly, except I'd like it to also be my watch. I'm willing to mix and match - I can buy a cuff-style watch band and then buy the wrist cuff separately, as long as they're pretty darned similar in style - close enough that they appear to match. Thanks!
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Why don't you ask someone at Etsy? This girl makes cuffs and watch cuffs - I'm sure you can send her a convo (the Etsy equivalent of MeFiMail) and she'll make you exactly what you describe. This guy too. There are lots of leather crafters at Etsy.
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Yeah leather craft for this sort of stuff is pretty easy. You could do it. You need to cut leather and learn how to hammer rivets into it. One of my kinky friends helped me make a styling black leather tool belt years ago and I was shocked how easy it was.
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Like this? This?

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This? This?
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Results for black watch cuff, you could choose the cuff you like from the this and these links I posted above, then match it to a cuff watch.
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Jesus Christ, you're next to San Francisco. Try Mr. S Leather or the discount place down the street (Leather Etc, I think it's called? Anyway, awesome prices.). Or Stormy Leather - all within a few blocks of each other. Or Rock Hard on Castro. Or... there's a few other places on Castro whose names escape me. This is a really easy find in SF.
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Oh, and if some reason you can't find one that will work off-the-shelf as a watch band (i.e., too wide), just take it to a shoemaker and have him/her rivet a thinner piece of leather to the cuff that can accommodate your watch. Should take 5 minutes tops. If you have a Tandy Leather store (supplies, not BDSM-oriented) in your area you can do this yourself, or maybe they'll do this for you.

I can't search for any of this stuff at work, but the shops are easily Googlable.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!

Some combination of etsy or a local shoemaker/leatherworker seems like the perfect solution. (I've done some leather work and I don't think I'm good enough to make it look as clean as I'd like - maybe next time! And yeah, I know Mr S and the many other Leather shops around town, but haven't seen exactly what I'm looking for.)
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