Help me find more geographic datasets.
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Help me find more geographic datasets like these two: 1 and 2.

I am looking for two things: datasets (preferably free) that have geographic/historical data. I wish to map these.
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Any particular location/region or type of data (demographic, economic, geologic)? In what format do you need the data, and/or what software are you using? You're casting a pretty wide net here.
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Yes the net is wide intentionally. I'm in an academic setting that could use all sorts of data (in a bunch of formats (if need be)).
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Well, this is going to be US centric because that's where I am. I would recommend checking with the geography department at your school (in addition to the library) - they almost certainly have resources for you. They'll have stuff that THEY have paid for that is free to you (or just the cost of the CD) so it's likely better than what you'll find online. But the following links should give you a good start on whatever it is that you're doing.

Census data
City of Chicago GIS data. More Chicago stuff (regional).
Google 'your city + gis data download' and you'll probably find free stuff.
USGS raw data downloads for North America
Geo Torrents has a mishmash of stuff.
GIS Data Depot (mostly free, has other countries)
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Forgot: Free GIS data by region. Another huge list of links.
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GeoGratis (Canada)
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The New Jersey state Department of Environmental Protection has a ton of free administrative and environmental data sets (
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PASDA has a lot of Pennsylvania data available.
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If you are doing work on the United States, this site will be invaluable to you: Census 2000 TIGER/Line Data.
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If you are in an academic setting ask around your campus. Ask at your library, where I work there is a librarian who specializes in GIS data. Also do a google search like "gis" to try to find faculty or groups who might have data they could share.

Cornell University Geospatial Information Repository (CUGIR)(disclamer: I work at this library)

Many states have GIS data clearinghouses:
NY state GIS clearing house(flash heavy)(disclamer: I live in NY)
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